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Chapman Animal Hospital

Chapman Animal Hospital
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132 Certified Clients Reviews & Surveys for Chapman Animal Hospital

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified

Review(134): 1 /132
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Chapman Animal Hospital has offered my human and fur family the best, most compassionate, friendly and professional service well beyond expectations. My many thanks to Sarah, Richard, Rhonda and the whole team. Cheers Bruce M.

Review(132): 2 /132
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I Think you guys did a great job with my cat i ll be coming back Thanks for all your hard work.

Review(131): 3 /132
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Sunset Beach

Jackie was wonderful. She put us all at ease (including my VERY nervous dog!) As usual, the vet nurses and other staff were also very helpful and friendly.

Review(130): 4 /132
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I think the approx $100 difference between cost of same treatment in Geraldton and Kalbarri is excessive and when getting quotes between Geraldton Vets Chapman is currently one of the highest for treatment costs. We cant afford $1000 at the moment for JoJo s teeth and to be honest when it does need to be done I will be going to the cheapest vet I can find in Geraldton. Ian is currently unemployed and we both need dental treatment on one or more teeth each, which we have been holding off on ourselves. I am sorry but we just don t have $1000 to spare at the moment and a lot of people here are in the same boat.

Review(129): 5 /132
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The vet is awesome ill be making Chapman vet clinic my pwts permanent vet

Review(124): 6 /132
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Suggestion: in your email you offered a Full Service Wellness Exam and geriatric blood test free of charge. However the bill I received stated consult - health exam (wellness) $74.00. On enquiring why I was informed the dog had to have a special exam for the blood test. The email was thesefore a bit misleading.

Review(123): 7 /132
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Lovely and helpful staff :) And quick follow up on blood tests

Review(121): 8 /132
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I was really nervous with one of my dogs and the vet nurse and vet were really really great with her! So thankful for the great experience.

Review(120): 9 /132
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I didn t receive an estimate for my bill, not that I asked as it was just routine vaccinations. I m sure if I had queried my bill for an explanation or had asked for an estimate I would have been given one straight away.

Review(118): 10 /132
Reviewer Image

Only that I ll be recommending you to all. Regards

Review(117): 11 /132
Reviewer Image

This was my first visit and our first puppy, everyone was really helpful and kind, great service.

Review(113): 12 /132
Reviewer Image

Everyone was friendly and helpful , and spent lots of time with us and gave lots of great advise . They really care ??

Review(112): 13 /132
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We have always used your vetinary practice for many years and have always been treated with kindness and respect ,it was with great pleasure we brought our new puppy Toby ,and for once he was well behaved

Review(105): 14 /132
Reviewer Image

Wonderful service have been going to your vet hospital for 11years

Review(104): 15 /132
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Sam J

Danica was very helpful and understanding, she showed a genuine concern for the welfare of our dog Jed and took great care of him aloong with the other staff. P.s. The SMS messages are funny!

Review(103): 16 /132
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I can t thank you enough for looking after my boy, Reaper. I know he is a difficult patient, and it was reassuring to see the vets and vet nurses with smiles on their faces today when we picked him up. He is a huge part of our family, and not having him at home last night was hard, but knowing he was being looked after so well and receiving updates throughout the day certainly helped a lot!! I certainly recommend Chapman Animal Hospital to anyone who s looking for a vet, and usually you have already been recommended by others. Thanks again for all that you do. Cheers, Jae Gronow.

Review(98): 17 /132
Reviewer Image

It would only let me tick 4 stars but I wanted to do 5. We always get looked after very well at chapman animal hospital and all the staff are lovely

Review(93): 18 /132
Reviewer Image

Stop with the incessant email and text messages once an appointment is booked.

Review(92): 19 /132
Reviewer Image

As it was my first visit both myself and the vet forgot to clip the dogs nails which was one of the four things we discussed. I have attempted to make a follow up appointment on line to no avail. I shall phone Geraldton as I live in Kalbarri Also curtains would assist reception area as the sun was blaring through onto the young girl and her computer. Other wise I was happy with the vet considering a very very long day for her and the staff.

Review(90): 20 /132
Reviewer Image

Very happy with the house call and all the care taken with our pet

Review(86): 21 /132
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Jim R

Very much appreciated the great service that chapman animal hospital continues to do for us in Kalbarri. Thank you all. Please could you email my account/receipt as I didn t receive one on the day probably because I was talking too much!

Review(85): 22 /132
Reviewer Image

Very satisfied with the treatment, I was a bit hesitated before booking an appointment for my boy, but as soon as I entered, the receptionist make you feel welcomed and answered to all my questions.

Review(84): 23 /132
Reviewer Image

Excellent service and outcome for my little dog

Review(81): 24 /132
Reviewer Image

Totally satisfied and recommend you to anyone.

Review(80): 25 /132
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No all good great treatment at a great price tuger pyss is all better now

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified


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